Can I take a home health aide certification online?

A typical home health certification program requires a minimum of 75 hours of classroom work, hands on training, the demonstration of ability in 17 different skill sets, and a written examination. Now the question is can I take a home health certification online?? We have 2 answers to this very question, yes and no!. Yes because there are a number of agencies and programs available where a student can do complete large portions of the training online. No because there are clinical portions of the program, and an exam which must be administered in person by a qualified professional (usually a registered nurse). However a student can drastically cut down on the amount of time they spend in the classroom if they chose to do all curriculum outside of the clinical portions to gain a home health aide certification online.

A national license program for home health aides was created in 1990 by the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC).  Students who pass this program offered by National Association for Home Health Care can gain a certification as a home health aide in all states. Those with the title “Certified Home Health Aide” have a much better job outlook than those wishing to work as home health aides, but who have no certification or education in basic home health aide practices. Portions of the course offered by the NAHC can be taken online. It is best to contact them for specific information on taking the certification with their organization.

Many caregiver agencies will offer their new hired employees a free home health aid certification. The training period is often a part of the signed contract. A new hire signs the contract acknowledging that they must work for the company for a specific period of time (this can often be a number of hours totaling roughly 1 year worth of employment)  in exchange for the agency paying for the training. Agencies will use programs that allow one to be eligible for NAHC exam. Most programs can be completed in between 2 to 6 weeks, both the in class variations and a home health aide certification online.

So now that you know that answers to “Can I take the home health aide certification online” you can decide which route you wish to gain that certification. For those with money up front, they can simply contact any education institution they like including the NAHC, casinotions.com and begin their studying very quickly. For those who do not have the financial means to study at this time, we recommend finding home health aide agencies within your area, or larger national companies who are willing to offer the training as part of the hiring package.

An example of an educational institute that one  can access to gain the majority of the home health aide certification online is the Allied Health Institute as well offer a program that can be completed online (minus the clinical portions). The online portion can be completed 24 hours a day, at anytime that is required by the student. This extreme flexibility appeals to many individuals. Upon completion of the 75 hour program offered by the Allied Health Institute, students will be eligible to sit for the NAHC exam.

with an estimated 50% growth in the number of jobs between 2008 and 2018, an ability to receive the majority of a home health aide certification online, and being trained for employment in possibly less than a month, seeking employment in this field simply makes sense. You now know you can complete large portions of a home health aide certification online, and even more many agencies are willing to foot the bill of this training in exchange for a reliable worker. Your best option is to research local job boards, job fairs, and home health aide agencies and find those who offer training and are looking for new employees. With such a high demand, there should not be a problem finding suitable employment in this field.

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